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one team. one fight.

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Securing your Site

Wherever the site, whatever the task, our officers are ready.  From construction sites, to schools, to residential properties, our officers undergo industry-specific training.  

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Officer Training

Internal training and our 20/40 hour training is important to us.  It is our motto to only provide excellence when dispatching officers into the field.  For that reason, we go above and beyond in educating our officers about security and the Kates standard of excellence.

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Community Outreach

Community Safety is our priority. Operation Safe Pump is only one example of how Kates Security Services is dedicated to a safe community.  

We Believe in Safety for Everyone.

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RSS Program

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Kates Cares.  Kates has implemented a program to provide clients in need with the best care.  For clients who may be addicted to alcohol or drugs, Kates Cares.  We've implemented the Recovery Support Services (RSS) to support our clients and officers who need us.

This program also gives our clients access to vocational training.  

For more information, call 773-436-3788 ext 106  and ask about the Kates Recovery Supports Services.

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We care about our Officers.

When it comes to One Team! One Fight! That is the KATES moto. Never fight a fight alone ever again. Please stop by our campus and receive the resources needed from our HR team.

If you or anyone you know is in need of help please call the crisis hotline at 1-800-273-8255 to speak to someone NOW!

Our On-Site Security Liaison will help. Call Ms. Bynum for more information.

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Our Experience is for you.

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Your opinion matters You matter.  Kates Cares.

"Active Shooting is real.  Kates provided the Active Shooting Training that is necessary to keep the children and staff here safe."

M. Garcia ~ Charter School
(Anonymous for School Safety)

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Consultation for your Company.

Kates Cares.

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