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Kates Academy's Advanced Security Training

More than the 20 Hour Basic Security Training, Kates Academy has mastered Active Shooter Training, Executive Protection Training, Anti-Terrorism Techniques, Security Aptitude and More!  We make sure that our officers are prepared for every situation.  Additionally, our advanced training classes are now open to the public.  

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Active Shooter Training

When every moment counts, it is important that you are ready in that moment.  Our officers undergo simulation training that prepares their actions and reactions if ever confronted with an active shooter.

Anti-Terrorism Techniques

Terrorism manipulates through fear.  Our officers are trained to think at a moment's notice and not to be frozen if a terrorism attack occurs. Our officers are also trained on what to look for to stop bomb threats and other potential crisis.

Security Aptitude Training

Eyes, ears, smell, touch, and the utilization of each is what makes a superb officer.  The understanding of one's environment and paying close attention to details takes an officer from being good to great.

Executive Protection

Executive Protection requires an officer who is vigilant, focused, professional, observant and ready to act.  Kates Executive Protection Training teaches our officers what it takes to protect federally and locally.

Urban Terrorism

Yes, Urban Terrorism is real.  Securing urban areas and the proper training is an essential part of the training that our officers undergo.  They must always move in a manner that will keep them safe in every environment.

Memorization Techniques

Knowing what you saw, when you saw it, how you saw it, what it said, the license plate, the driver, the citizen, their description, the weather, the background noise... Kates Officers are taught to REMEMBER.  

"From Good to Great."

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Investing in our officers matter.

Our Officers are important to us and making sure that they are prepared for every possible situation is what takes them from good to great.

Kates Administrative Staff

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